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Fairtrade, carbon credits, climate change, small producers, coffee producers
Last week we had the pleasure of accompanying Fairtrade International during the COP21. This was the opportunity to meet with Fairtrade producers from Mexico, Kenya, Lesotho and Ethiopia and participate in the launch of Fairtrade Carbon Credits.

As many people, before spending this time with Fairtrade, I wasn’t aware of the full impact that buying Fairtrade labelled products has on farmers and their communities. I thought it simply meant that they got a good salary for their production, which was already good news. What I didn’t realise was that companies who have the Fairtrade label also contribute greatly to community projects. In the case of Oromia, a coffee production cooperative from Ethiopia, that means tens of schools, clinics, roads… projects that have had an impact on over 200,000 people’s lives over the last 10 years.

At the COP21, the emphasis was evidently on climate change. So what is Fairtrade’s role in climate change? On Monday we were lucky enough to meet two representatives of rural farming communities to help us understand. We spent the day with them whilst they made a short film with Fairtrade to explain how climate change was impacting their work and their lives.

Fairtrade, carbon credits, climate change, small producers, coffee producers

Fairtrade, carbon credits, climate change, small producers, tea producers


Several years ago Fairtrade identified the need to help the producers they were already working with to face this challenge, and so developed a solution with partner Gold Standard – Fairtrade Carbon Credits.

On Friday we attended the official launch in Paris. Fairtrade Carbon Credits –  a new opportunity for businesses to support farmers and rural communities in their fight against climate change – received a great reception from the room.

Fairtrade, Climate change, COP21, Carbon credits,

Businesses who have already signed up include large groups Marks & Spencer and DHL.  See the video

For further information on the Fairtrade Climate Standard visit the Fairtrade website.